Our Wedding

This day... and the week preceding and following... will forever be my favorite. My family made the trip to Bulgaria for the wedding and to see some of where Lyubo comes from. We roadtripped, ate, laughed, and ate some more. It's something I never thought would happen- seeing them all there- and they will truly be some of my favorite days & memories for always. 

When deciding where to have our wedding -  Lyubo and I both felt a ceremony outdoors somewhere in the woods would be the most true to us. We never wanted an event.... we wanted it to feel warm and intimate- in a beautiful, quiet place - celebrating our love that has spanned years, miles, and a whole lot of missing-each-other-days. When we unexpectedly had to change it the day before due to it being so darn hot in Pleven, it at first felt a bit like that only piece of the day that was truly us was gone.... but sitting in bed the night before ... writing our vows... I was reminded that I didn't really care where it was... what any of it looked like... as long as I got to marry my person. I would marry him anywhere. 

My brother sang me down the aisle, friends and family circled around us, and Rumen (our pseudo-officiant extraordinaire) read beautiful words. We cried, they cried, mostly I cried....and then ... we were married. 

Some roads are longer than others. Some with more twists and turns and bumps along the way. Ours has been a difficult one,  but it has been the grandest adventure of my life. 

Thank you so much to Anni & Rich for truly seeing and capturing all the happiness and love that filled this day. For being up for an adventure and willing to climb up to the edge of the dam with us... and hike through the forest. We will love these images always. Seriously, you two are the best. 

Lyubo, as I told you on this day & will continue to believe every day for the rest of my life, we are rare... and I will never take for granted the fact that in this very big world... my soul found yours.

A little about the love that went into this day: Lyubo and I designed the invitations together - I hand-drew all of the elements, he did all the photoshop, and I did the layouts. We realized it wasn't quite as easy as we thought it would be but we will always love that there is so much us in them. The table greens were from trees near Lyubo's parent's apartment (foraged and free ;) ) - we assembled them all the morning of. Lyubo stained all of the candle holders. I hand-dyed the tablecloths (it didn't go so well but we like to the think the discoloration made them charming). We had some trouble finding flowers so Lyubo and I went to the flower street in Pleven on Friday and bought some Caspia and my sister and Anni, our photographer, assembled my bouquet while I worked on the flowers for my hair. I did my own hair and makeup- I wanted to feel like me. Everyone there put a little heart into our day and we are so grateful to all of them. 

Photos by Anni Graham Photography - Invitation photos by me because I forgot to give Anni the invite (sorry, Anni)