Laurel & Marco At Home

When I first started in wedding photography... I wasn't sure I would like it. I was not into the poses, the focus on the image of it all. It didn't seem genuine to me. It wasn't until I started to seek out and focus on the real stuff that I realized just how important it can be and how much I enjoyed capturing those fleeting moments in time. I've been leaving so many weddings and sessions lately and saying "I didn't expect that..." I got into photography for the art of it but I think I've stayed in it for the emotion. I've realized how much I like seeing the love and the good and that those show up in genuine ways more often than we've come to expect. This session is one that makes me realize exactly this.

Yes, in-home sessions are trendy right now - but I think this trend might be a really important one. I love that Laurel and Marco will get to look back on these images in 40 years and remember their little apartment together. The perfectly imperfect decor. The dog hair. The photos on the walls. The couch where they crashed for movie nights- and the animals they loved. 

I've been noticing more lately how quickly time moves, that nothing is forever. Growth, change, progress, it's all good but it's important to look back on how we got there. Those microments that slowly fill our days - they are worth remembering. Here's to the images that aren't just for now - but the ones that last. 

Here are some of my favorites from Laurel and Marco's in-home session. I'll also mention if you are having photos done in January- this is a pretty amazing option not to freeze your tushy off....