Sweet Boston Elopement

Sometimes with weddings, it's easy to get caught up in the details.... the flowers, the dress, the venue.... you start to forget what it's all about. It's one of the reasons I love elopements. When Kelly reached out to me to shoot their wedding at Boston City Hall I knew immediately that I wanted to do it. Not only for the simplicity of a genuine, intimate, stripped-down ceremony, but also because of their incredible story. It's not often Lyubo and I meet couples we can relate to - couples that have done long distance for an extended period of time. It's not easy... and not every love can survive it. Watching these two sweet souls exchange their vows that day - I knew they were forever vows - that every word spoken was a commitment they had made long ago when they first decided to make a go of it. I felt honored that they trusted me to capture it - and priviledged that I was able to witness it. One step closer to being in the same place. Kelly & Alex, I truly wish you all of the happiness in the world. 

I'll leave you with some words I wrote when I posted one of their photos in December because it serves as a reminder of why I do what I do: Most of the time, the photos I am drawn to are not the ones most people would choose. They aren't particularly dramatic. They usually don't involve a stunning dress or mountains or waterfalls or Iceland. In this case... it's just two kids...who after 8 years of loving each other across the Atlantic with visits here and there.... decided to run off to city hall and get married. Just the two of them and the unique kind of love that can carry that distance for that long. There is something here that feels somehow both timeless and nostalgic ... and it makes me think (and maybe hope) that this is the image their grandkids will see in an album someday and say we are here because they loved each other, and fought for each other, and after all of it just wanted to ride the carousel.