Jamestown Anniversary Session

Sarah and Ian wanted photos that “felt like them” for their 5 year anniversary. I love sessions like this - away from the busy-ness of a wedding day, couples really feel like themselves, comfortable, at ease, and we can focus on connection. Many people measure a successful marriage as being “just as in love as the day you were married, no matter how many years have passed.” There’s an excitement and newness on your wedding day - yes, however, I love seeing the wisdom, knowledge, and comfort that come with the years of companionship, hardship, support and love - there’s a new depth. There’s something beautiful in things that last, and not only last, but dig their roots in deep and grow.

Sarah and Ian are from Portland and love weekend adventures, hiking, and seeing new places so when talking about where their session should be, we decided to adventure along the RI coast together. Much of New England lacks the epic-ness of the PNW landscape but I must say - we have some hidden gems and quiet places that remind me why I love New England so.

These two are so laid back and easy going and capturing their love for one another was an easy job. Sarah is a very talented photographer and designer - definitely check out her work!