Kevin & Carly Maine Coast Wedding

I’ve known Murph since he was about five. We grew up across the street from one another - he was one of my brother’s best friends. I still remember the week they moved in and how relieved we all were that the new family had kids. We spent countless hours playing basement floor hockey, street hockey, running around the neighborhood at night playing manhunt, and working undercover as secret agents - where we carried around one of my dad’s old briefcases and not so subtly spied on the contractor working on their house, taking about 50 photos of him working on disposable cameras never to be developed. Still waiting to find those one day. So when Kev and Carly asked me to shoot their wedding this past September, I was happy that they trusted me with such an important day of their lives … and I knew it would be an emotional one.

We aren’t that far apart in age but for some reason I still think of Kevin as the five year old sitting at our kitchen table asking my mom to please use Heinz ketchup on his lunch because he could taste the difference. Must be the closeness to my brother in age, who I admit, I also can’t grasp is an adult now. I found myself puzzling their entire day over how Kev is old enough to get married. I didn’t have the privilege of meeting Carly earlier on - but when we met up for the first time at their engagement shoot - I knew these two genuinely sweet souls were perfect for one another. As Carly put it, they “truly found the best of friends in one another,” and really what more can you ask for in a partner in life? I haven’t checked in on if Kev has branched out to other condiment brands….

Carly spent the morning getting ready with those closest to her - it was a quiet morning filled with laughter and tears. Everyone present was at ease - the way it should be. Kevin spent the morning with his guys at the inn nearby and they came together for a first look before the ceremony. We found a spot along the rocky coast for them to see one another for the first time and a bench full of elderly women, enjoying the view, looked on with genuine delight as Carly made her way down the rocks to Kevin. This quiet moment, in a spot they both fell for, is the reason I love first looks. They were married outdoors at the York Golf Club and danced the night away to a live band.

A bit about this set: When it comes to weddings, I aim to tell a story - both of the day and the people in those images. Often, times we rely on a set of images to do this - but I have increasingly found myself drawn to timeless and nostalgic stills; I have a love for those special individual images throughout a day that could stand alone. The ones that could alone tell the story of the place, of a family member, or a moment of significance. It’s easy to become comfortable in relying on that set of images to tell your story - and relying on a familiar style - but I think those moments deserve some extra care and attention - a feeling all their own. As photographers we are constantly evolving in our aesthetic and source of inspiration - it’s important to periodically reevaluate our work and ask ourselves: is this a trend or will it stand the test of time? I chose to share a smaller set from Carly and Kev’s day - some from early in the day and their first look as well as the epic dance party that followed. I hope browsing through this set, you find moments you are drawn to and stills that transport you.